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 What is an Artisan Contractor and what do they have to do with art? Well, the short answer is a worker with a skilled trade - usually involving making things by hand, and nothing in particular.  READ MORE >>

With more and more people running their own businesses, the line between personal and business life can get a little blurry. Don't make the mistake of blurring that line with your auto insurance. A personal auto policy doesn't cover business use of your car, and come claim time, there could be a problem. READ MORE >>

Most of us see homeowner's insurance as something we have to have and hope we never need. We get a policy each year, throw it in a file, and we don't give it much thought. But it doesn't hurt to get to know your policy, and here's a little information to help you get acquainted. READ MORE >>

Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." While we may think of health when we hear these words, the famous American quote has a lot of wisdom for modern homeowners. Routine maintenance and care could make the difference between a home sweet home and a homeowner's nightmare. READ MORE >>

When you think of data breach or information hacking you, like most people, think Target, Sony, Ashley Madison or some other big corporation where the headlines stole the show or you were personally victimized by the attack. READ MORE >>

6 Insurance Mistakes Business Owners Make One of the mostly costly and damaging  mistakes business owners make is not having the right kind or amount of insurance in place to protect their business and their income. READ MORE >>

Everyone in Florida who owns and runs a business with employees knows that Workers’ Compensation insurance premium is set by state and what you pay with one company is what you pay with the next. THAT IS 100% TRUE. READ MORE >>

“I am not in a flood zone”.  This statement is flatly FALSE!  Here is the truth.  Everyone’s home, building, etc. is in a flood zone! That is a fact.  The truth is that there are different zones as to the risk of flood……one on a mountain the other by the ocean, is a good way to understand. READ MORE >>

Auto Insurance Advice That Any Consumer Can Use You can get auto insurance that is affordable when you follow a few tips. The range of criteria that insurance companies use to determine your rates is extensive. Remember that Auto insurance is the not too expensive when it is the RIGHT Coverage at the BEST price and there for you when you need it. READ MORE >>

New Port Richey Auto Insurance Agency - Tips and Strategies Car Insurance Policies can be difficult to understand.  Just like anything else - you must understand the basics and do the proper research.  Here Are Some Tips To Help You Better Understand Your Auto Insurance Policy.. READ MORE >>

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